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Mickey Goldmill Historica Wiki Fandom

2021. 2. 7. Mickey "Mighty Mick" Goldmill (7 April 1905-15 August 1981) was an American boxing trainer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.He was a professional boxer from 1922 to 1947, and he later opened a gym, Mighty Mick's Boxing, where he trained world heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa.He died from a heart attack in 1981 after a scuffle with Clubber Lang's entourage.

Mickey Goldmill Death Fact Check, Birthday & Date of Death

2021. 1. 16. Mickey Goldmill Birthday and Date of Death. Mickey Goldmill was born on April 7, 1905 and died on August 15, 1981. Mickey was 76 years old at the time of death. Birthday: April 7, 1905 Date of Death: August 15, 1981 Age at Death: 76

Mickey Goldmill Facts, Bio, Favorites, Info, Family Sticky

Short Biography. Michael "Mickey" Goldmill was a fictional boxing trainer created by Sylvester Stallone and portrayed by Burgess Meredith in the Rocky film series. The character's gravelly voice, intense demeanor and popular catch phrases helped make him highly recognizable, as well as, a common source of parody and references in pop culture.

Burgess Meredith Biography Mickey Goldmill Bio in Rocky

“Mickey Goldmill” Appearing in: Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa (in flashback) “After appearing in over 120 films, Rocky was my very first smash hit,” said veteran stage, screen and television actor Burgess Meredith, who enjoyed numerous artistic successes during his 60+ years in show business.

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Mickey Goldmill, Philadelphia, PA. 1,392 likes. Mickey Goldmill was born on either 7 April 1905 to a Jewish family, as evidently revealed by his...

Mickey Goldmill and similar characters Frankensaurus

Mickey Goldmill is similar to these characters: Paulie Pennino, Rocky Balboa, Tony "Duke" Evers and more. Topic. Mickey Goldmill. Share. Characters similar to or like Mickey Goldmill. Apollo, and his old trainer, Mickey Goldmill, further force him to confront his own mortality. Creed (film)-Wikipedia.

Burgess Meredith Wikipedia

2021. 2. 18. Oliver Burgess Meredith (November 16, 1907 September 9, 1997) was an American actor, director, producer, and writer. Active for more than six decades, Meredith has been called "a virtuosic actor" and "one of the most

Rocky: 10 Funniest Quotes From Mickey ScreenRant

2019. 11. 17. As Rocky Balboa’s manager for the first three Rocky films, Mickey Goldmill played a huge part in the success of Rocky’s fighting career. While initially hesitant about his attitude towards the sport, Mickey always knew that